Imagine Making Your Dreams a Reality  

2013 Finalists

Finalists voted for by Judges

  • arrow  Jonny Sheppard, Silhouette Du Barry, Chelmsford
  • arrow  Jack Conley, Silhouette Du Barry, Chelmsford
  • arrow  Samuel Ward, Ethos hairdressing, Manchester
  • arrow  Ani Zoto, Arcana, Milton Keynes
  • arrow  Alice Greaves, Arcana, Milton Keynes
  • arrow  Hattie Stokes, Theo Georgio, Solihull
  • arrow  Stefanie Shields, Moda Hairdressing, Bristol
  • arrow  Rick Roberts, Rick Roberts, Beverley
  • arrow  Angie Smith, Arcana, Milton Keynes
  • arrow  Christina Roberts, KAM, Lossiemouth

Finalists voted for by the Public

  • arrow  Jonathon Turner, Hooker and Young, Jesmond
  • arrow  Kimberley Ferguson, Jagged Edge, Bedford

College winner

  • arrow  Tayla Rose Murdy, SilhSpirit Hair Salon, Newcastle College

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